Limited quantity available in Fall, 2019


This meditation mat was born from a collaboration between myself and a family of weavers in a small village near Oaxaca, Mexico.

I worked alongside the family to create an original design for this small series of rugs - a pattern of world sigils that have carried significance through the ages are centered around a traditional Zapotec "Eye of God" diamond and bordered by the four cardinal directions. 


These rugs are individually handwoven on the family's open-air wooden loom from 100% wool that has been either left its virgin color or has been dyed using only natural dyes derived from marigold flowers, indigo plants, and cochineal beetles.


Rug size: 36" x 24"


For Sacred Use:

This rug can be used for ceremonial or spiritual practices: meditation, devotional prayer or chanting, puja, celestial offerings, et cetera. Traditionally, wool has been the material of choice for such practices as it offers a natural insulation from the magnetic pull of earth energies that would keep or minds tethered to the physical plane. Additionally, wool absorbs the energies gathered in your practice, thus becoming imbued with a sacred vibrations that grow with each used.

Meditation Mat


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