This shrine is made from Old-growth Yellowwood Pine salvaged from a Victorian staircase. The shelf is made from mahogany from an old piano. 

overall size:  4.5" x 7"


Glass and photo is held in place by hand-formed brass pegs.


Candle ring holders are hand-formed from scavenged copper found weathering outside of an abandoned building.


Beeswax tea-light included with each shrine. 


Create sacred space in your home for quietude and heart-centered living with these personal shrines. Each one is individually handmade from my collection of reclaimed hardwoods that have been salvaged from old barns, instruments, buildings, junk piles; each piece chosen for its inherent integrity of quality and character. Through a process of carving, sanding, and waxing each piece of wood undergoes a reencartantion of its weathered beauty and becomes a sacred object to hold your devotion to the image you choose to place in its frame. 

Old-growth Yellowwood Pine Shrine


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