Contains 1oz of loose-leaf herb. For sample size: click here


This blend of sacred herbs were gathered in honor of spiritual centers from around the world and is offered to enrich the practice of modern spiritual aspirants. It is to be sipped in a slow and present repetition to cultivate the sacred healing properties that each herb offers you.


Created in collaboration with owner of Naptown Flo, an intuitive herbal practitioner and plant ally. Together we meditated on the edge of a lake about the qualities we wanted each herb in this blend to support and cultivate:


Blue Vervain: used to clear stagnate energy, cleanse the aura, and consecrate sacred and ritual spaces


Sage: to invoke inner knowledge and wisdom


Rose: fortifies the heart center


Tulsi (Holy Basil): harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit


Flavor profile: slightly astringent with grounded hints of moss and ash that are brought into balance by bright floral notes. 

Mantra Tea