Made to order shrine. Please allow 3 weeks for completion and shipment of your shrine order. 


The design of this shrine is inspired by the architectural details of the beautiful hilltop temple at Lake Shrine in California. Lake Shrine is a Self-Realization Fellowship meditation and retreat center dedicated in 1950 by its founder Paramahansa Yoganada. Lake Shrine offers a spiritual environment where people from all over the world can experience peace of heart and mind. 


I took a personal silent retreat at Lake Shrine in 2019 and offer this shrine as an extension of the inner peace I experienced during my time there. May it bring the same to you and your spiritual practice. 


I make each shrine individually from reclaimed hardwoods. Shrines are finished with natural waxes and edge oxidation to bring out the details put into the intricate carving. No two shrines will ever look alike!


Choose from two wood options:

Cherry: A beautiful, warm-toned wood was found piled in an old barn. The wood bears various marks of years of worm-holes which add to its individual character and weathered beauty.

Walnut: A handsom, deep brown wood that was once a 100-year-old barn. This wood has beautiful grain patterns and various nail holes from its previous incarnation.


Shrine Shelf features a votive candle holder made from hand-formed copper I found weathering outside of an abandoned building. Beeswax tea light is included.


Lotus Charm hangs at the top of each shrine. These are made in the USA from 24K gold plated lead-free and cadmium-free pewter.


This shrine is designed to either be free-standing on a table or altar, or they can be hung on a wall. 


Overall Size: 9” H x 6” W x 3” D

Frame Size: 4” W x 5” H (size of guru photos sold by SRF)

Photo not included. SRF guru photos can be purchased here

Lake Shrine - Style B

Wood Type: