Self-Guided Home Retreat Kit

During this time of isolation and uncertainty around the world it can be difficult to know how best to respond to these challenges in productive ways that offer enrichment and meaning for ourselves and our loved ones. 

I believe that there is a positive opportunity to be found in our collective time of isolation.  The rushing around to meet the needs of the outer world often leaves us with very little time for deep contemplation and reflection of our inner world; the world of stillness and soul growth. I believe we can use this time as an opportunity to realign our attention on building quality relationships with ourselves and others through the portal of sacred silence.

I have designed a Self-Guided Home Retreat kit that includes everything you need to have an enriching inner experience in the comfort of your own home, with yourself or with loved ones.

  Two versions of this kit are available!  

  Mail-Order Kit or Free Downloadable Kit: