Wool Ritual Rug

The Attend wool Ritual Rugs are a special collaboration with a family of traditional Zapotec weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico. The rug, designed by Attend, is a collection of spiritual symbolism from around the world centered around the Zapotec "Eye of God" diamond - a reflection of the spiritual eye.  Each rug is individually handwoven in the family's hill-top home on an antique wooden loom using 100% sheep wool and natural dyes of marigold flowers, indigo plants, and cochineal beetles.

In 2018 I traveled to Oaxaca to work with this beautiful family to design and produce these limited-edition rugs. It was an honor to be welcomed into their home and learn how they are preserving the tradition and craft of their heritage. It is a joy to offer such an exceptionally crafted piece to enhance the personal spiritual practices of others.  

Wool is an ideal surface for spiritual practices of communion, prayer, and meditation owing to its naturally insulating properties - aiding in freeing the mind of energies that keep us earth-bound to physical matter so that we can elevate our consciousness upward. 

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